I’m a Princeton graduate, English major, and New Jersey public school teacher.

Upon my graduation from Princeton, my parents gave me books. Lots of them. Now I’m on a mission to read them.

Furthermore, as an English teacher, I ask my students to read, think, and write everyday. I want to show my students that this is not an empty ask, that I practice these skills too (for fun, even!). If I can inspire my students to free their curiosity about the world from the confines of my classroom, even better.

This blog got its start in January 2017: I was job-less, so I challenged myself to read and review one book per week through May — and succeeded! In September 2017, I acquired 96 high school students and all of the joys and responsibilities they bring: my output slowed significantly and the number of books that I wanted to read outside the original gift from my parents was growing.

So, in 2018, I’m expanding my scope: you’ll see blog posts about books recommended by friends, more books that Ms. Holmes is teaching, and books gifted to me, in addition to continuing to tackle the many books yet-unread in my library.

Not sure what you’re looking at? Here’s a brief key to identifying posts on this blog:

Christmas Gifts and Rec from a Friend are exactly what they say on the wrapper.

Reading with Ms. Holmes: Ms. Holmes is my dear friend and a fellow English teacher.  In the spring of 2017 she taught 8th grade English at a public school in New Jersey, and now teaches 6th graders. Reading with Ms. Holmes is an occasional series in which I write about my experience reading along with her actual students (and, in one case, keeping up with the homework too!).

All other posts are about books that hail from the original library.